My Youtube directors site has had over 450,000 views since I created it. It is a mix of live music performance and art movie shorts. Cool stuff. All original material.

Sometimes I shoot wedding video as well!

Britt and Miguel had a three day wedding in Eastern Washington on the banks of the Columbia River at the orchard where Britt grew up. Family and friends came from all over the US and Mexico. I shot video primarily as well as black and white film and digital stills. To quote the text Miguel sent me when they watched the video for the first time: "Many tears!! Gracias". They are an inspiring couple and represent all that I love about wedding journalism. They now have two beautiful girls.

The first video is the setting and the ceremony. The second video starts with the first band of the reception, Los Flacos, the Britt and Miguel them met at a Los Flacos concert in Seattle, followed by heartfelt toasts by candlelight and dancing on the banks of the lagoon. Atmospheric!





An art movie I made using Super 8 film for Kenn and Dianne. Beautiful and touching.



A sweet and charming video of my friend Claudia and her yoyo collection.